czwartek, 12 marca 2009

You never know what you get for lunch.

The first day stayed by new client passed very nice, having conversations with HR representative and director of the company in order to get some overview of the enterprise and to see where are the potential areas of improvement.

So my new assignment is in a family run oil trading company, selling and shipping oil in Vietnam, and apart from office where I work they have 6 ships (sea and river ones). One day I need to arrange to go harbor and to see it, it might be very interesting:-)

And what about the most important part of the working day lunch in a new place?:-) So the meal is prepared downstairs in the kitchen by security man and it looked ok but as we have already agreed on in our group you can never take for granted that one particular lunch can be totally “safe”. ( in terms that you can be sure what you are eating).Even innocent question “do you eat chicken” can never guarantee you that you will get the one you may be used to. So for my first lunch in a new place I got cooked chicken with lemon grass, but it was almost the whole chicken, with skin on it…. And later on the interesting discussion related to vietnamese food occurred and it was hard to persuade that there is no way I will eat a dog…. That’s probably one of the biggest culinary fears not to get a dog during one of the meals out.
Our stay in Vietnam without any doubts is amazing culinary journey but at times pretty risky one:-)

And the part of 2-hour-lunch break was watching vienamese soap opera on TV:-) Every company has its own culture:-)

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