piątek, 13 marca 2009

Not easy life when your partner is a sailor.

This morning at work when I continued my interviews with people to get better understanding how the company is organized we moved to one of very interesting topics: how to build successful relationship, later on get married if your partner is a sailor. As Hai Phong is a harbor city it looks that is pretty common problem/dilemma. My company is struggling with high fluctuation of employees leaving the company, precisely their work on the ships. It looks that many men don’t want to work in these very hard conditions and don't like being away from family for a long time. A boyfriend of one of my interpreter is a sailor and he’s been 2 months sailing and will stay another 8, the same situation was for HR person from my previous company with the difference that she’s been married for 3 months and her husband has been away for 2 months and will continue for another 8 months. And one of the managers in my new company was a sailor for 5 years and confirmed that it’s very tough life.

And today's lunch was in a shopping center as the security guide had a day off:-)This time we had “hot spot” – kind of soup being prepared by us with so many ingredients consisting of sea food, meat, vegetables and big variety of mushrooms (almost all of them were new for me).

In the evening, in the spirit of team knowledge sharing and supporting each others three of us decided to test personally SPA Nadal that is part of the complex where Murali has his assignment. Not only we could recharge our batteries after the whole week but we would be able to provide some feedback to Murali of the staff performance, one of his tasks during the assignmentJ. And we had a lot to talk to him as we have had really bizarre experience. None of staff spoke English hence we were a bit struggling explaining what we want as well as to get some understanding how we should prepare for the massage. It was a lot fun but hopefully our experience will help Murali to get some training to the staff on better customer service :-)

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