środa, 25 marca 2009

In a bedroom with Napoleon

I have had another day spent with Monica by her client and have to admit that it was very productive day. The main contact persons from client are already pretty confident with my presence there and today we have managed to have long sessions related to HR management, roles and responsibilities in the company, employee’s motivation. Director seemed to be vey keen on learning more about our proposals and hopefully she would manage to implement some of our ideas. It’s a new company, most of the staff is really young but hopefully they will manage to build stable SME.

And after lunch it is a time for a nap - it is practiced by all the employees, and as company is located in a pretty big house a part from office space, kitchen there are a few bedrooms. I was sent to the director’s bedroom, sharing bed with her, interpreter, Monica and having picture of Napoleon above our big bed. Without any doubts we needed the recharge of our batteries to continue intensively in the afternoon:-) And also afternoon turned out to be very productive, having presentation on job description, making short interview with director.

The director’s pink Lenovo laptop

Continuing farewell dinners we were invited by one of the client for a kind of indoor “barbeque”. Another interesting culinary experience, making your own food on the “homemade” fire and having a chance different kind of food that normaly I even don’t know the names.

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