wtorek, 10 marca 2009

Be always prepare for unexpected

This morning I felt a bit anxious going to work (my sixth sense?!) as I knew that I was supposed to get more details from the previous day meeting and maybe also to gain better comprehension of what I had observed the last days in the office. There are moments when I feel a fairly helpless without understanding the language and without deeper knowledge of Vietnamese culture. I may have some background of working in the international environment (including the Japanese company) and earlier experience of travelling in the South East Asia but the current challenges expose me to totally new learning and sensations. (Thus the being CSC participant is such an enriching, challenging and enjoyable experience).
So this morning I started with a session with my interpreters going through the materials I prepared the previous evening with the assistance and the comments from the other team members. I wanted my interpreters understand first the concept before going into translations for the client. Than we had a brief session with the head of one of the departments and shortly afterwards Mr B arrived and wanted to summarize me the outcome of the last conversations with the client. Hence the client asked me to prepare the report of my analysis and some potential advice for him and …….. my assignment was over. It looked like that the expectations from the client and organizer were not entirely met and the company would like to finish the assignment. The situation looks pretty complicated and deeper knowledge and understanding of Vietnamese business culture as well as culture itself is required. Thus I need to embrace new coming challenges. Probably I will need to go to another company and start the second assignment together with Arjan who also finished his assignment the last Friday.

Herewith are the photos from the lunch in my last company and very lovely teahouse restaurant. (I think this is one of the most beautiful places I have been in Hai Phong).

The afternoon following our ideas for get involved in some activities for local communities we had an appointment with Director of International SOS village in Hai Phong. We have got a chance to learn more about their activities see how they run village and play a bit with children from Kindergarten. It looks that every team member found himself/ herself very well in the company of little Vietnamese children. I don’t know if this is because we are foreigners but the interactions were so intense and vivid.

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