piątek, 6 marca 2009

And the winner is.......... Arjan!:-)

As promised earlier to my client I arranged a meeting in the morning with him, my interpreters and Ms Huyen from ABV (our partner organization) to present my ideas gather during the week spent in his company and my proposals. I was very glad to have assistance from ABV at my side to sharing my suggestion with client and listen also from the other side comments. It was very good meeting however still we are at the point non reaching final conclusion what exactly I’m going to deliver them in these 3 remaining weeks but as they are happy with my current finding so my idea is to keep on going what I think is right direction and use the knowledge and advices of my team mates and provide them as many as possible tips or different templates they can. Taking into account time constraints and cultural difference that’s probably the best approach, and I believe they would be able to use later on some of the changes proposed by me.

What about lunch on the last week day? This time is was the sea food restaurant in the city center and as usually it was pretty funny to watch local’s reaction at foreigner coming there.
Today’s menu contained some seafood and vegetables.

After luch we passed by the center to buy me a new helmet:-)

And evening’s attraction of this week was local TV show recorded in the building of Opera in Hai Phong. We were invited by one of our clients to attend the show dedicating to the celebrations of “International Women Day”. The idea of the show is to demonstrate if men can deal with women’s daily tasks and host of the program was vey famous Vietnamese presenter ( we don’t know exactly who is but our interpreters told us they are his fan, we didn’t manage to get his autograph but we have a picture with himJ). Even though we didn’t understand very deeply all the activities it was interesting experience. And what’s worthy mention is that we as a team were sitting in the second row just in the front of the scene and definitely we were very visible (especially we were wearing our lovely team “Hai Phong Blue Team” T-shirts:-).

Part of the show involving audience foresaw small lottery so all viewers have received special envelops with lucky number. Almost at the end of the performance one of our team members Ashok was asked to pick up the numbers from crystal bowl.
And the winner is ……. Arjan!
So we have new celebrity in our team:-)

More pictures from show will follow.

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