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Always work on building relationships

As were informed last week that director of the company is still going to be on the business trip on Monday we decided to work in the morning from hotel and continue in the office in the afternoon. Firstly we had scheduled a meeting with secretary and provided some tips and small training on customer service skills. She is a newcomer in the company and still struggles to figure out her way of working but it was very nice to see how eager she is learn new things. Hopefully she would manage to implement some of our ideas in her daily tasks.
Afterward we continued with the session with HR manager.
And what a nice surprise to learn that they are just implementing one of my ideas related to salary that I proposed on one of the first days. But it wouldn’t be a typical day on our assignment if we wouldn’t have to face a situation in which our flexibility would be testedJ This time it turned out that even the director was supposed to be back on Tuesday she would not be back in the office before Friday. So we may not to meet her again and we would have to present the report to HR person.
We finished today presenting HR manager and some of other team members the content of
SME Toolkit ( www.smetoolkit.org) and it was very fascinating to see how much they were enthusiastic to look at the different areas available on the website. I was very glad to observe it because I think it’s a great source of data that they might be able to use in the future. Especially that partially it is available in Vietnamese language but I emphasized that it might also useful to check with original version only in English if there are not more resources. I did on purpose with intention if they need any help on translations, my interpreters might still stay in touch with them.
I’m learning to foreseen how important it might to be to build good relationship at the different stages so if there is anyway I can also help my interpreters why not:-)

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