wtorek, 3 marca 2009

Eating out in Vietnam

Everyday seems to be so full of emotions, and it’s hard to believe that it’s only the second day spent in the client’s location. In addition when we share our thoughts in the team we are amazed how different our experiences are, how many new situations we encounter and how varied our assignments are. That’s make the whole project so rich and valuable at many levels.
Apart from work we have already started to think if there are any other community activities we could be involved in and we do not forget to take care of our weekend plans for exploring a bit the north of Vietnam:-)

Hai Phong is well-known for seafood and we have had a chance to discover it today being invited for the dinner by Director and other staff members of Vietnam Chamber of Commerce and Industry (VCCI). The variety of seafood was amazing however I have to admit that I didn’t dare to try everything even though Debbie was trying to convince me that as I’m adventurous type so I should do it:-) I’m really keen on exploring Vietnamese cuisine but at the same I’m a bit concerned each time I order the meal because you never know what you will get and sometimes it might too extreme. But of course that’s part of excitement related to travelling.

And if I have already started the subject of eating it’s worthy mentioning that food is very important part of the Vietnamese culture, lunch lasts in most of companies 2 hours (11.30 -13.30) and if it’s a small family run business, where house is not only for live but at the same it’s an office, maybe little factory or warehouse, food will be prepared there and the owners (directors, managers) will have meal with other employees. What’s important to point out is that meal consists of many various dishes.
More on Vietnamese food, some tradition and Vietnamese culture will follow on later.

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