niedziela, 15 marca 2009

Treasure hunt and other games in SOS Children Village!

Sunday morning we dedicated for the trip to Do San beach and Hon Dau Island nearby Hai Phong and the afternoon for activities at SOS Children’s village.

The trip was organized by one of our clients with VCCI (Vietnamese Chamber of Commerce) and probably we wouldn’t go for such an excursion by ourselves but it was another experience. We had difficulty to understand the purpose of different spots showed us during the trip like Casino or the resort that is still being built. None of use seemed to be interested in discovering it or being impressed by them. On the other side our requests to have some longer walk were seen as strange idea:-)

The afternoon we spent back at the SOS Children’s Village playing games with the kids. And it was very joyful time and it seems that children appreciated the lolly pops, books and IBM stationery they have received as prizes in the games organized by us. We arranged a treasure hunt, Debbie prepared balloon animals that seemed to be the most hunted by all the kids. We ourselves started playing popular in Vietnam a game of keepy-uppy using something similar to a shuttlecock. To be honest our skills were behind the children but we have intention to buy our own shuttlecocks and keep on practicing.

And it was also great that we could finally have some sport activities and seeing kids smiling and enjoying playing with us was very rewarding! It's not sure if we manage to come back to SOS village still during our stay in Vietnam but hopefully the other CSC teams will follow the relationships we have built.

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