niedziela, 8 marca 2009

The first spring rolls prepared by myself

We have already had pleasure to participate in so many events related to the international women day during the week so finally Sunday was time for recharging the batteries after extremely busy week full of so many unexpected situations and tests for our flexibility and patience:-)

The only fix plan I had was home visit to my main contact person from client and going to for tiny local food market and buying all the necessary ingredients for preparing local Vietnamese dishes for lunch. With guidelines of my host and my interpreters I had fun preparing few Vietnamese dishes with the most important: spring rolls. I have made accurate notes hoping to be able to prepare ones when I go back to Poland. Not sure yet if I manage to get the ingredients at home I’ll try to bring some with me from here.

The nice meeting was finished with watching on TV the show which recording we have attended on Friday and it was hard not to recognize our group among others viewers. We were sitting in the second row and after every little competition of the participant the camera showed the audience. “The Hai Phong Blue Team” was always visible:-)

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