niedziela, 22 marca 2009

Halong Bay tour

We have managed to spend our (the whole team being together) last weekend on private relaxing tour in the mystic atmosphere of Halong Bay - (literally: Descending Dragon bay) a UNESCO World Heritage site located 1.5 hours drive from Hai Phong.
The bay features thousands of limestone karsts and more that 2000 isles in various sizes and shapes.

So Saturday we spent chilling out on the boat, admiring the beautiful islands on the way to the bay where we stayed overnight and we visited Titop Island - little island that Got its name from Ghermann Titov, a former Soviet Union hero that visited an island with Ho Chi Minh.

On the island we climbed 400 steps to top to breathtaking view to the bay as well as me and Monica decided to go for the swim this year:-)The first jump into water was pretty difficult but later on it was much better. The only problem I found was that water was so dirty, some rubbish floating on the surface. Generally it was seen all the way during our cruise that Vietnamese have still long way to learn and put into practice more attention to protect their environment. I hope that being on UNESCO heritage list will help to protect this incredible area and different parties will be aware that if they don’t look after it there will be no way in the future to earn money on the tourists coming there.

And than back on the boat we had delicious dinner consisting of some varies meals (sometimes I have impression that I keep on eating all the time in VietnamJ But on the other hand except of few occasion food is really delicious) and afterwards we enjoyed interesting conversation about cultural differences related to relationships, marriages – especially learning about arranged marriages in India.

Sunday morning we visited a floating village and immense Hang Sung Sot cave and later on we could delight in the empty bay after most of the boats that stayed overnight in our neighborhood went back to the city.

P.s And Sunday evening being back to hotel very nice opportunity for more sportJ We practiced again shuttle cock game and afterwards a few of use played tennis with general manager and director of hotel. I haven’t played tennis for 15 years!

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