poniedziałek, 2 marca 2009

First meeting with client

We have waited for such a long time to meet our clients as well as to get more information about our one-month assignments and it happened today. The first introduction of both sides and the first day spent in our client’s location.
Despite the initial uneasiness caused by language barrier and the new situation for every one: the client, my two interpreters and myself (getting into completely new environment) we managed to get know each other a bit and break the first ice. The further steps will consist of getting understanding of each other’s expectations for our month partnership and analyzing what we can do.

From so far experience I can say that Vietnamese people are incredibly friendly and always willing to help despite the fact that communication barrier exist and both sides have pretty difficulty expressing themselves the way that interlocutor will comprehend. Another observation is that it’s true that smile is constantly on their faces making any human interactions easier as well as tricky frequently. Our partner may not understand us, will keep smiling, will be polite and we would be need to find the way to pass still our message.
So our journey into Vietnamese business environment and immersion into intercultural communication started:-)

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