środa, 18 marca 2009

Yes, I have eaten Crickets.....

Continuing the “tradition” of invitations for dinners or different activities helping us immerse into Vietnamese culture this time was my client turn:-)
Hence we had dinner in nice restaurant overlooking small lake almost in the center of Hai Phong and meal consisted of the various starters and hot pot. Among starter the most “exotic”, bizarre were fried (barbequed) crickets!!! I have eaten them!:-) I admit that I had difficulty with the first one but the next ones were really ok. Proper sauce and no problem:-)
To be honest I didn’t think that I would ever dare to eat such insects.

The second part of the evening was truly karaoke experience and we had so much fun, everyone took part so actively singing:-)

Some Karoke performances:

And Tineke with special dedication for you:-)

2 komentarze:

  1. Hello Gosia,

    Thank you, we have enjoyed it. Very sorry that the song of the sexy tractor was'nt present, but than he should be singing it at home:-)

    greeting Tineke

  2. Hi Tineke, that's true it's a pity we couldn't get sexy tractor song for Arjan singing.
    But you can see that he is mastering his singing in Vietnam so back in the Netherlands he would be able to give real show;-)