środa, 11 marca 2009

Visit in blind school

In the morning me and Arjan were introduced to a new potential client and were taken to its office to see if they expectations are in line with what we can do in our remaining time in Vietnam or maybe the following later on in April another CSC volunteer can continue our work.
The meeting was very nice and despite time constraints I hope it would be possible to implement some improvements or give them some ideas that can be used later on.
We have decided to look at: Human Resources, building Customer Service and communication skills of the staff and providing some ideas on building enterprise culture.
Firstly I’ll start myself and later on, the following week Arjan will join me.

Afternoon we again dedicated to community activities, visiting this time blind school in Hai Phong with the purpose to start building the relationship and to see if there any areas we could assist on or prepare the ground for two other teams coming later this spring.
We have presented the proposals and let’s see what outcome will be.

And for the dinner we were invited by the management staff of the hotel we are staying in.

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