wtorek, 24 marca 2009

Farewell dinner with VCCI and interpreters

The last week of our assignment seems to be flying very quickly and each day is fully occupied. Today as my client was not available due to busy schedule and the director still being on the business trip in Ho Chi Minh City I decided to join Monica on her assignment and help her to meet her client’s requirements. And I was very happy of my decision as it enabled me to enrich my knowledge of another Vietnamese SME:-)

Thus we spent morning with Ms Hang, director and it was very interesting to see how she firstly was establishing relationship with me and trying to get confidence from my presence. Even though we have earlier met on a few occasions, it was our first-time-encounter at the professional level. And with time passing by, the relationship being built we moved on towards coaching session and we enjoyed very much sharing our thoughts and giving her some tips for managing the company. I found it crucial to have a chance to support her as in country like Vietnam it’s not easy for women to be running their own companies.

And in the afternoon, in the spirit of our Vietnamese experience, it means being always prepared for unexpected and ready for embracing surprises we went to …… hairdresser to have a one-hour-head massage and hair staighted. Very interesting experience, enriching our cultural knowledge:-)

And to finish our interesting day, in the evening we have invited our interpreters and representatives of VCCI for farewell dinner to celebrate our cooperation during our assignment in Hai Phong. We still have 3 more days but slowly we do realize that our assignments in Vietnam are almost over. It’s hard to believe how quickly the time passed here.

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