wtorek, 17 marca 2009

Interpreter's life in Vietnam

Even though we are two of us on the assignment this week our work is not proceeding in satisfying speed. Our contact persons are very busy and as they are not able to dedicate us any time it’s difficult for us to think about any potential advices or solutions for them if our knowledge about company is still vague.

So we spent the morning “session” with our interpreters learning more about life in Vietnam and their current situation of entering on labor market. We did our best to share our own experiences and try to give them some guidelines or encouragement. I hope it was interesting for them to see also our perspective from two countries Poland and Holland (in Vietnamese Ba Lan and Hal Lan:-).
Personally I perceive very seriously our work with interpreters and see it equally important as our consulting for companies. These young people have great opportunity to improve their English and gain some work experience but at the same time they are our first ambassadors to the Vietnamese culture and for sure our work wouldn’t be possible without them. (for some of us for sure). In addition I’m sure that I’m learning so much thanks to them and my experience is so rich.

In the evening we had our first work-out:-) Hurra, some sport activities (that’s probably one of the biggest issue for me during this stay not having any sport/ fitness activities).
So we decided to master our skills in playing shuttle- cock at the parking of the hotel. It’s our second time only playing this game and it’s far away from presenting any level (probably every single child in Vietnam plays thousand times better than we do) but we have had so much fun.
I’ve bought 5 shuttle-cocks to take with me to Poland and introduce game to family and friends:-)

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