poniedziałek, 9 marca 2009

Flexibility and patience needed

The most magic words we have learnt during our stay here are:
patience, flexibility, mind-openness, willing to embrace unexpected changes and challenges and what’s the most important smile whatever it happens.
During the pre-work time before departure to Vietnam we were many times warned that we need to develop the above the skills but the reality is not always easy.
Another crucial aspect of taking into account in Asian culture is “saving face and we keep in it continuously in mind and sometimes it gets really complicated having many parties involved in our activities, client, VCCI (Vietnamese Chamber of Commerce), ABV and ourselves and the responsibility we feel towards the whole organizing team of IBM CSC.
And without doubts the beginning of the week made me face new challenge and provided some lessons learnt, I started my work following the agreement from the meeting on Friday and kept on making some analysis in order to complete some of my guidelines and suggestions for the company. However at one point I started to notice that my client was starting to behave in a bit strange way than it was followed by sudden visit of VCCI representative having long discussion with the director of the company. When the meeting was over another discussion followed in my presence but I didn’t manage to get any information what’s going on.
My interpreters were also not so much willing to enlighten me about the situation. The only information I got was to keep on working and we will talk to you tomorrow. Strange, but fine I said to myself, “it’s normal that I may not understand what’s going on, I don’t understand the language and I may have already some experience in Asian culture but still it’s long way to become expert. Just another learning opportunity”
So let’s see and be patient for tomorrow’s meeting.

Ah, one lesson learnt from today: it’s not a good idea to wear skirt and try on get on a motorbike as a passenger:-( I did it once and that’s enough. It’s too dangerous.

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