czwartek, 26 marca 2009

Why do you always smile....

So there is our last day in Hai Phong….. Our assignments are almost over...... Where are the 4 weeks spent here.....

In the morning I have worked with my interpreters in the hotel finalizing the report with results of our work and our proposals. I’m not sure how much from my suggestions will be introduced in the future but I have enjoyed working with my client even my time was really limited and it was pretty difficult to get deep understand of current company situation.

After lunch I had a brief meeting with my client presenting him the report and handing some IBM gadgets. We will still meet tomorrow before my departure as HR manager and director will pass the hotel to say goodbye. It looks that so many people are coming tomorrow to see us before we leave Hai Phong, it might be emotional morning.

My last afternoon in Hai Phong I decided to dedicate to my interpreters so we spent long time going on their motorbike around the center, visiting a few places and having long conversations.
It’s always been interesting to see how local people are surprised to see me a foreigner on the motorbike in the company of two Vietnamese girls. Most of the people are so friendly; keep on smiling and saying constantly “hello”. I usually smile a lot but here I’ve got used to it even more and I like it:-) Today even my interpreter asked me why I’m constantly smiling but it’s so natural here and I have no doubts that back Poland it will be not so frequent:-(

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