niedziela, 1 marca 2009

Hai Phong - Meeting with the interpreters

After lazy morning, walking a bit around in the old town and having foot massage (we are in Asia so it’s difficult to resist for long time with massage and it’s important to keep fit:-) we left Hanoi heading to Hai Phong the destination of our assignments. And here after arrival we’ve got the surprise – the first meeting with our interpreters the students of private university that will help us during our one-month-assignment.

For all of us volunteers it’s going to be a first experience of working with interpreters and for sure it’s going to be additional challenge. Me personally even tough I have worked, studied or travelled using other languages than my mother tongue I still think that the coming experience is going to be unique one, enriching both side as well as challenging one. Especially that I have somehow been chosen to work with two students: Hang and Anh. So hopefully I have enough knowledge, cultural sensibility and other traits that will help me to deal well with the new task.

Let’s see tomorrow during the first meeting with our clients in the division of Vietnamese Chamber of Commerce how our month partnership will work out.

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